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Welcome to Southill Parish Council

Special Notice

New Web Site

This web site has served the Parish well over many years (since 2007) but is showing its age.  It is difficult to maintain, slow to load and has suffered from some security incidents causing it to be off line for extended periods.  The Council's Web SIG has been building a new site, which is largely completed with all key content from here copied over already.  Subject to successful completion of final testing and Council giving its endorsement a launch in June 2017 is expected.  It is up to date with meeting agendas, minutes, etc.  Subscribers to this site will be invited to join the new site so they can continue to receive notifications re. Council meetings and notices.  Parishioners and other interested parties are most welcome to visit the new site prior to launch.  It is hoped that the design is found to be simple, fast and intuitive to use. Feedback on that is most welcome - please contact webteam@southillparish.net. The new site can be found at: www.www.bedsparishes.gov.uk/southill-parish-council


Next Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 11th July 2017
commencing 7:00pm at Broom Village Hall
This will be an Annual General Meeting of the Council, preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting. There will be time allowed for public participation.

Southill High Street 

Councillor Vacancies

There are currently three vacant seats on the Council for the Broom Ward

Interested in finding out how to become a member of the Southill Parish Council?

Contact the Clerk for full details.


Broom: The GreenAbout The Website

The Southill Parish Council website has been established to assist parishioners through improving access to information about the structure and purpose of the Council, and to records of Council Meetings, i.e. the minutes of meetings.

Parishioners wishing to suggest ways of extending the website to provide wider support for the community are welcome to forward those ideas to the Clerk who will present them to the Council.


Stanford: Mill Road


southillparishcouncil.gov.uk is published and maintained by the Southill Parish Council.



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